Kenji Run Forever t-shirt

from Kenji Run


Kenji Run's long-awaited t-shirts! These bad boys are a limited edition run of 20 and have been lovingly screen printed by us on heavyweight pre-shrunk Gildan Ultra Cotton shirts.

Featuring a three colour design with hot fluoro magenta, pearlescent white and neon blue inks, each shirt has been printed and finished by hand. Deliberately not registered, each shirt has its own unique geometric pattern, complete with imperfections and happy accidents of colour clashes. They're DIY as fuck, and no two are alike, but they're all equally rad, just like all you Kenjimaniacs!.

Buy them online here, or come find us IRL at a show!

Kenji Run then, Kenji Run now, Kenji Run F O R E V E R

Care instructions: Machine wash inside out on a cool cycle (30°C) and air dry, just like all your other band shirts

Printed with the expert help of Melissa North at Underway Studio

ships out within 2 days
edition of 20 

  £15 GBP or more 



Kenji Run Cheltenham, UK

Kenji Run makes retro-futuristic electronic music.

Kenji Run Now,
Kenji Run Then,
Kenji Run Forever

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